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Published work

Jerrim, J., & Sims, S. (2019). How do academically-selective school systems affect pupil’s social-emotional competencies and academic attainment? Evidence from the Millennium Cohort Study. Forthcoming in American Educational Research Journal.

Journal paper here / Working paper here / Coverage herehere, here, here, here

Jerrim, J., Oliver, M., & Sims, S. (2019). The relationship between inquiry-based teaching and students’ achievement. New evidence from a longitudinal PISA study in England. Forthcoming in Learning and Instruction.

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Jerrim, J., & Sims, S. (2019). The association between attending a grammar school and children’s socio-emotional outcomes. New evidence from the Millennium Cohort Study. Forthcoming in British Journal of Educational Studies.

Journal paper here

Jerrim, J., & Sims, S. (2019). Why do so few low and middle-income children attend a grammar school? New evidence from the Millennium Cohort Study. Forthcoming in British Educational Research Journal.

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Sims, S., & Allen, R. (2018). Identifying schools with high usage and high loss of newly qualified teachers. National Institute Economic Review243(1), R27-R36.

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Allen, R., & Sims, S. (2018). Do pupils from low-income families get low-quality teachers? Indirect evidence from English schools. Oxford Review of Education, 44(4), 441-458.

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Allen R., & Sims, S. (2018). The Teacher Gap. London: Routledge.

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Work in Progress

Zieger, L., Jerrim, J. & Sims, S. (Under Review). Comparing teachers’ job satisfaction across countries. A multiple-pairwise measurement invariance approach. Minor revisions Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice.

Working paper here / Coverage here and here

Sims, S., & Fletcher-Wood, H. (Under Review). Characteristics of effective teacher professional development: What we know, what we don’t know, how we can find out.

Working paper here / Coverage here

Sims, S. (Under Review). Modelling the relationships between teacher working conditions, job satisfaction and desire to move schools.

Full version here / Simple version here / Coverage here / Referenced in govt’s Teacher Retention Strategy (p. 7) here

Sims, S., & Allen, R. (Under Review). Does the High Potential Middle Leaders programme improve pupil achievement? Evidence from panel data.

Earlier version here

Zieger, L., Sims, S., & Jerrim, J. (Under Review). Comparing the quality of teacher working conditions across countries.

Sims, S. (In Preparation). Personality type and entry to the teaching profession.

Commissioned Reports

Sims, S. (2019). Increasing the quantity and quality of science teachers in schools: Eight evidence-based principles. London: Gatsby Foundation.

Paper here / Coverage here / Twitter thread here

Sims, S. (2018). What happens when you pay shortage subject teachers more money? Simulating the effect of early-career salary supplements on the supply of shortage-subject teachers in England. London: Gatsby Foundation.

Paper here / Coverage here / Referenced by govt’s teacher pay advisory body (p. 69) here and the Government’s Teacher Retention Strategy (p. 3, 14) here

Allen, R., & Sims, S. (2017). Improving Science Teacher Retention. Wellcome Foundation.

Paper here / Coverage here, here


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